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As of March 2020, our programs have moved from in-person instruction to virtual instruction.

We will keep you informed of any changes. Since we are a for-profit company, we rely on fees and gifts.

With the support of organizations and donors, we continue to serve our community.

Sponsor a music or tutoring student with a non-taxable donation. 


Watch videos from our first virtual recital! More virtual recital content can be found on our facebook page. 

Charisse Adams

My love and respect for music was developed in the Fellowship Academy Music Program run by Mrs. McBride. The program helped me to build discipline, led me to getting a full ride at the SF Conservatory of Music, and provided the opportunity to make music relatable with the gospel quartet in which Mrs. McBride conducted. These experiences are so unique to the Music Program. Simpli Music formed my beliefs that with commitment, passion, and vision that anything is possible.


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