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An education company offering music lessons and music theory

Our mission is to provide instruction and opportunities for school age youth to inspiring mastery musicianship and a life-long appreciation for learning.

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Loretta McBride has over 50 years of inner-city school instruction (K-12) and is the Artistic Director for Simpli Music and advisor for Church Band. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, and a California teaching credential from Mills College. Loretta holds a Master's degree in Curriculum Design from Patten University. Mrs. McBride is a Phi Beta Kappa scholar and has received awards from the city of San Francisco for inner-city music programs in at-risk neighborhoods.


She was the chief architect of the San Lorenzo KIPP Summit Orchestra and the KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy Orchestra. Loretta was awarded the KIPP National Teacher of the Year Award in Nashville, TN. In 2013, Loretta became a Suzuki Association of the Americas member. She continues to teach private beginner piano and violin and trains music teachers within the San Francisco Bay Area. With 50 years as the lovely wife of James McBride, she is the proud mother of six children and fourteen grandchildren.

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Vivian Francine is a classically trained musician and is the Program Director and Administrator for Simpli Music and Simpli TutorMe Learning Pod Program. Her music instruction begin at the age of 7. She started her training with the Suzuki Method at San Francisco State University under the leadership of Dr. Haderer. With tutelage from Doris Fukawa, Vivian graduated from the Preparatory Division of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare with a minor in Music from the University of California, Berkeley. Vivian earned her Masters in History from the Berkeley School of Theology. She is currently enrolled as a doctoral fellow at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, Ca specializing in History.


Vivian Francine also studied jazz improvisation at Howard University. Her love for music education has inspired her to provide budding musicians with private students. Having shared the stage with Tramaine Hawkins and members of the Clark Sisters, she participated in a string ensemble for the Stellar Awards 2011 at the Grand Ole Pry in Nashville, TN. In 2013, Vivian Francine became a member of the Suzuki Association of the AmericasVivian taught a 200 piece middle school choir and orchestra for two years as music director.  She also is a veteran teacher in Humanities and an Academic Coach for first year teachers. Mrs. Wells is married to Massa I. Wells.

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