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Q: How can I set up a free consultation?

      A: Choose a time and book a consultation with Program Director Vivian Wells

Q: Who are the tutor pod instructors?

      A: Our instructors are veteran 6-12 teachers in Math and English trained for remote learning

Q: Who are the music instructors?

      A: Our online music teachers are Symphony professionals, graduate music students from Conservatories and Music Programs 

Q: How often are the classes?

      A: Tutoring sessions are M-F for 1 hour per day with 2 days per week for homework help.

      A: Music lessons are once per week. Our Kinder Kids (PreK-1) have mini-lessons 3x/wk.


1. Review the calendar and information for our programs offered throughout the year. 

2. After reviewing our policies, all students must complete the Music application form.

3. After reviewing our policies, all students must complete the Tutor Pod application form.

4. Registration payments will be processed online or in person. A receipt will be sent via email. Supplies will be mailed.


We do not offer financial aid at this time, However, we do offer sibling, double lesson registration discounts. Any other discounts provided are at the discretion of the Program Director.


Once the schedule is set, it is difficult to make changes anytime during the year.  We do not offer trial lessons. We try to be flexible, but Simpli Music has a commitment to you and our teachers; we expect you to keep that commitment as well. We prefer that the parent and student be present at their lessons. 


Payments are completed by semesters and paid at the beginning of the year. There are no refunds and no make-up lessons for student misses. You must also sign up for the full semester and not pick or choose which weeks you wish to come to lessons. All students must participate in recitals and in both private and group classes and recitals.


All fees and tuition for each quarter must be paid before the first lesson or class of that quarter. Payment may be made in installments if paid by credit card; otherwise, payment in full is due with registration. Simpli Music reserves the right to refuse re-enrollment to students whose accounts are not in good standings. For returning students, late registration fees will be applied with a 7 day grace period. Registration due dates are located on the re-registration forms and invoices.


Tuition and fees are payable to Simpli Music by check, money order, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). Online payments are invoiced and emailed using Square. A $25 fee will be charged for any bounced check presented. Simpli Music reserves the right to refuse personal checks from students who have previously paid with non-negotiable items or to refuse enrollment to students whose accounts are not in good standing.


Should you have a conflict with a lesson time, please cancel and reschedule using the calendly link within 24 hours of the lesson.

When you cannot make it to your lesson the day of the lesson, please contact the instructor or email, or leave a message or text 510-342-5423. We do care about you, and we do worry when you do not show up! If you can let us know as early as possible, lessons can be rescheduled.


Tuition also pays for the extra program expenses such as, piano accompanist at concerts and rehearsals, rental fees for lessons, concert facilities, Xeroxing, postage, phone, piano tuning, and teacher maintenance.


Simpli Music does not provide make-ups for classes or lessons missed by students. No refunds are granted for absence from lessons. If an instructor cancels a class or lesson, the instructor must schedule a make-up session during the makeup weeks noted in the music calendar; otherwise, a refund will be issued back to the participant at the end of the semester.


Intention to withdraw from lessons or classes must be submitted in writing to Simpli Music. The Program Director will aim to connect the student with a new teacher within two weeks of submission. Informing an instructor of a decision to withdraw from a class, stopping or withholding payment, or not attending classes, does not constitute withdrawal.


If a student wishes to withdraw completely mid-semester, the cost of lessons administered will be deducted from the 50% refund amount. Students who withdraw from lessons may not re-enroll for lessons until the following semester.


We rarely schedule conferences, but we are happy to arrange a time to either meet with you or have a phone conference with you and the teacher. Please never hesitate to call the Program Director at any time at 510-342-5423. Remember communication is very healthy for all concerned. 


We rarely cancel lessons. If you truly cannot feel safe about getting to your lessons, we will certainly understand. However, a makeup lesson may not be possible.


White pointed collared shirts for boys and girls. Black skirts or dresses and tights for girls, and black pants or nice slacks for boys.

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