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Simpli TutorMe "Level up!"
(a subsidiary of Simpli Music, LLC)
We offer rolling diagnostics throughout the year.

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Loretta McBride

Loretta is a 40+ year veteran K-12 teacher. As a honors graduate, she serves as the curriculum specialist for all programs. Her universal design approach to Language Arts infuses grammar, writing, reading and critical thinking. Every pod completes a project that infuses humanities and STEM. Mrs. Loretta has a M.A. in Curriculum Development.

Denise McBride

Denise is a 40+ year veteran K-12 homeschool teacher. She is a honors graduate and taught all nine of her children. Mrs. McBride is our Math coach and passionately breaks down math concepts. All of her students attend or have graduated from top tier universities. 


1. Discover the GAP through an extensive diagnostic

2. Online personalized results and analysis for families

3. Specializing in Language and Math and Writing

Vivian Francine

Vivian is the program director and tutor specialist. With over  over 10 years of middle/high classroom and digital learning experience, she is committed to specialized learning for every student. Her goal is to level up their learning. With an extensive diagnostic upon enrollment, each student has the opportunity to grow in reading and skill levels 

Image by Chris Montgomery



E'leva, mother of 8th grader

"The summer tutorial program was amazing and provided my child the personalized experience needed to excel. We would definitely sign up again."


Vincent, father of 6th grader

"I was pleasantly surprised at how he anticipated every following day. I thought the award ceremony at the end of the summer course was a touch of class.  Thank you for keeping up on the ball in preparation for fall."


Eleanor, caregiver of 9th grader

"It was a great  learning experience. My grandson loved the projects for math and english. He looked forward to the learning incentives.  He arrived early everyday to win!"

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